Efficient and safe delivery of consignments

We deliver consignments of all kinds (small goods, large goods, fragile materials) from one location to another, with utmost care. We are fast, efficient, and the best in our field.

Offering door pickups and door deliveries

We offer door-door services, picking the consignment from the sender’s door, and directly delivering to the receiver’s door. We aim to provide maximum convenience to all people involved.

Customized service packages to fit specific needs

We have customized service packages just for you. Choose one according to your preference and requirements.

Push notifications and offers

Customers will receive notifications whenever an order is accepted/rejected. People will also receive them when the admin wants to tell them about offers and discounts. Drivers will receive them when the customer makes an order.

Wallet money

Customers can add money in the wallet and use it accordingly; however, it will be non-transferable. Money received due to cashback, discounts and other offers will be added to this wallet.

Cargo Service available to all destinations

We have our services available all over India. So, no matter where you are located, be sure to give us a call and get our assistance in sending cargos to different places.

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